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I co-founded L.E.A.P in 2012 as an international literacy program following a trip to KONKO, a village in the eastern region of Ghana, West Africa. Since then, L.E.A.P has established student scholarship opportunities, provided literacy training for teachers, facilitated girls’ empowerment workshops, and facilitated career development projects. 

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The idea for this contest came to me during a school visit in Pennsylvania where a group of students surprised me with a check for $3,250. Turns out, they’d held a fundraiser prior to my visit, to help me build a library in Ghana. How cool is that? Your school is one of a select few being invited to participate in this fundraising initiative. With your students’ assistance, students in Ghana will have access to books, computers, recreation, and every child in the community will have the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. Additionally, we’re building a library! Funds can be raised in any way you and your students see fit (e.g. bake sale, talent show, art auction, car show, crowdfunding, etc.). I can't wait to see what you all can do!

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Kwame Alexander

New York Times Bestselling Author of The Playbook, Booked, Animal Ark, Surf's Up, and The Crossover, which was awarded the 2015 Newbery Medal for Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children.

Founder of LEAP for Ghana, a literacy, empowerment, and arts project.