2017 LEAP for Literacy School Contest

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We are proud to announce and invite you and your school to participate in the Literacy Empowerment Action Project (L.E.A.P)'s “2017 LEAP for Literacy Contest”. This year’s contest, which will begin March 15th and end May 15th, 2017, is an excellent opportunity for U.S. students to raise awareness about the need for increased access to education and funds for the opportunity of literacy around the world. With your students’ assistance, students in Ghana will have access to books, computers, recreation, and every child in the community will have the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. Additionally, we’re building a library! Funds can be raised in any way you and your students see fit (e.g. bake sale, talent show, art auction, car show, crowdfunding, etc.) up to any amount. As an incredible incentive, the schools that raise the most, will receive prizes. YES, PRIZES!

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The U.S. school from any category (elementary, middle, or high) that raises the most funds will receive a free, all expenses paid school visit, presentation, and book signing from Kwame Alexander, plus lunch with a select group of students. The school will also receive a shout-out on all of L.E.A.P’s social media platforms and a Skype chat with L.E.A.P’s first secondary education scholarship recipient graduate.

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One U.S. ELEMENTARY, MIDDLE, AND HIGH SCHOOL that raises the most funds in their category will be chosen to receive a free, Skype visit with Kwame Alexander, plus an autographed classroom set of one of Kwame’s books. The school will also receive another Skype chat with L.E.A.P’s first secondary education scholarship recipient graduate.

We look forward to an enthusiastic and whole-hearted leap of participation from your school. The only requirement for an entry into the competition is to fill in and submit the confirmation form before March 17, 2017 to Executive Director Courtney D. Bennett at cbennett@leapglobal.org. You have until May, 15th to raise funds. All entries will be acknowledged on website. This contest is open to U.S. schools, only.